We're A Green Business

Here at Heavenly Pets, we care about the environment. The products we use are biodegradable and safe both for your pet and for the environment. The cleaning products we use are also organic and non-toxic. We recycle as much as is possible, and use recycled products whenever we can.

"Going green is no longer optional but a way we should live to save the planet, ensuring it will be here for generations to come. Going green is the most important issue that will shape our future. It will enrich our lives, makes us healthier and at the same time help us save tons of money. Doing one green thing today will lead to more and transform our lives, kids, families, friends and make a great impact on the earth. Besides the common things like recycling, reusing and reducing we must educate ourselves to make a lasting difference. Be the change that is needed and cause a ripple effect."

Here are some easy ways to "go green" at home:

The first easy step to a green home is buying organic and locally. Support the local farmers by buying directly from them or at a farmer's market. Organic and/or fresh food from local growers is much better for you than prepackaged, pre-prepared foods bundled in plastic and filled with chemical additives and preservatives.

Another easy step is to recycle. It only takes an extra second to throw your plastics away in a separate container. So why not? You can help the planet reduce waste by reusing materials. Many things can be recycled in ways that help those in need, for a short list, see our post on 10 Recyclable Things You May Not Know About.

Freecycling is another great way to save money and be kind to the environment. Visit their website (freecycle.org) to find out more.

Conserve energy by turning off lights and appliances when not in use. Switch your old light bulbs to new energy saver bulbs. This will save you money! Conserve water by turning off the faucet when you brush your teeth. Also, buy energy saving appliances. All of these steps can help you live in a greener home.

Cooking requires heat, so conserve it to save money. Keep a lid on all the pans being used in cooking. Water will boil around 6% faster in pans with a lid on, thereby saving time, electricity and your money, as well as giving the environment a break.

Make your own cleaning products with inexpensive, environmentally friendly ingredients, and save money. (Read more here.)

Get off the junk mail lists. Register with Direct Market Associations Mail Preference Service (dmaconsumers.org) and you will see a significant reduction in your mail after three months.

Consider using a good old-fashioned scrubbing brush to get the baked on grime off your pots and pans. That hard plastic scrub pad lasts only last about a week, and then you have to throw it away and start using a new one. A scrub brush will last for months, if not years, and it can be recycled. You save money and the environment doesn't get clogged up with old plastic scrub pads. Isn't that a great idea?

Unplug things such as phone chargers or electric heaters when you’re not using them. Even when these things aren’t being used they still take in electricity when they are plugged in. Unplugging them will save you some green.

In the winter, keep the oven door open after you have used it. Make sure the oven is turned off before you do this. This is a great way to get some free heat.