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Breathalyzer App - Season 5 - Episode 505 - Week 2
Season 5, episode 505, week 2, 9/27/2013
Smartphone Breathalyzer App
Seen on Shark Tank Season 5
 It's really amazing how far the App Business has come in just that last few years. But making a functional working Breathalyzer App still seems like science fiction, right? I mean how can you make an App that reads your Blood Alcohol Content with stunning accuracy?

To take this smart phone app a step further, the Breathometer not only is a reliable breathalyzer, it's also a "smart" breathalyzer that can track your progress and let you know when it's safe to drive. With a retail price of only $49, this small little Breathometer can potentially save you thousands of dollars from getting a DUI, or a great deal more if you were also involved in an accident.

 Earlier this year on March 13, 2013, Charles Michael Yim decided to raise the needed capital for developing the Breathometer Breathalyzer App using Indiegogo as the preferred Crowd Funding Platform. Yim set a reasonable goal at $25k which was easily achieved way a head f schedule By the time the crowdfunding campaign was over, the Breathometer raised $138,000.00 from over 3800 contributors.

Charles Michael Yim is no stranger developing new technology or taking a startup company from an idea, to being acquired by a large conglomerate which the Sharks are going to love. Yim was the founder and CEO of Chatterfly which was started back in 2010 and successfully raised $1 million seed money in February 2011. Later that year in December 2011, Chatterfly was acquired by Plum District (a Kleiner Perkins Co.) who was only interested in the technology to further grow their version of the Daily Deals Business.Read More Here-->>>