Fairy Tale Wishes - Monster Repellent

Fairy Tale Wishes Monster Repellent on Shark Tank

Therapy Aroma Sprays for Children- Episode 503 - Week 3 - 10/4/2013

Aroma Therapy Sprays for Children episode 503
Fairy Tale Wishes
Therapy Aroma Sprays Seen on Shark Tank Season 5
 O.K, I have to admit, at first thought I wasn't sure what to think about a Monster Repellent for Kids.But the more I learn about this Aroma Therapy Spay for Kids, the more it made perfect sense why the Monster Repellent will certainly help. To this day I still clearly remember being convinced there was a monster under my bed and if I got up, it was going to get me. Would it of helped if my Mom had a bottle of Monster Repellent Spray from Fairy Tale Wishes? I'm not sure because I was completely convinced the boogie monster was under there, but I'm sure I would've felt a lot better knowing I had a repellent just in case. This will definitely be an exciting new episode of the Shark Tank Show seeing if the monster repellent can snag a Shark.

Debbie Glackman the owner of Fairy Tale Wishes took this unique idea for Monster Repellent and expanded the product line to include a Sweet Dreams Spray, Happy Camper Spray, Tooth Fairy Spray and my favorite, the Super Hero Spray.

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