Freeloader Child Carrier

My Freeloader Child Carrier on Shark Tank

Piggy Back Carrier For Kids - Season 5 - Episode 5 - Week 3

Erick Jansen and Nathan Jones Inventors of Freeloader
Freeloader Child Carrier
Seen on Shark Tank Season 5
  If you're kids are getting a little big for the traditional child carrier's on the market, but you still love asking long hikes out in the woods, along the beach or sightseeing while on vacation, then My Freeloader Child Carrier may be just the solution you're looking for. Coming from someone that's always taken extremely long walks when something is on my mind, and raising two Boys on my own since they were very young, the My Freeloader Child Carrier could have come in handy multiple times.

We had our routine down pact; the kids would walk on their own until the first one started getting tired. It was more of a game so neither wanted to give in first, and as a result sometimes we'd end up several  miles away somewhere up in the Mountains usually resulting in a tie. This is where the piggy back rides start on our way back from whatever trail we were on at the time. It was a nice break for them as we made our way back to the vehicle, but not so much for Dear Ole Dad that never got a break most of the way. Who would've thought combining a traditional child carrier with a bicycle type seat would be the answer as the perfect way to give kids a piggy back ride?Read More Here-->>>