R Dub - Slow Jams

R Dub & "Sunday Night Slow Jams" on Shark Tank

Sunday Night Slow Jams Radio - Episode 507 - Week 4 - 10/11/2013
seen on Season 5, episode 507
Sunday Night Radio Host "R Dub"
on Sunday Night Slow Jams

 Who dat R Dub? If you never heard of R Dub and what His Sunday Night Slow Jams is all about, you will hear real soon on Season 5 episode 507 of the Shark Tank Show. As you probably gathered by the name, R Dub is a Master DJ specializing in Slow Jams on 50 radio stations around the world. Most songs played on the Sunday Night Slow Jams sessions are dedicated  from listener's with a special meaning, and gives R Dub's audience a reason to come back every Sunday night.

R Dub has a rich history in the radio business going back to when he was only 15 years old. This was also the time he decided to host his radio show "Sunday Night Slow Jams" his career and some 19 years later, R Dub is still going stronger than ever.

With the success of the Sunday Night Slow Jams, R Dub set his sights higher establishing his own 24 hour a day radio station specializing in the same type of music. This was first accomplished by starting his own 24 hour a day Internet radio station in 2005, and followed up by a "real" radio station in Los Angeles 92.3 FM picking him up in 2007. The list of radio stations now airing R Dub and the Sunday Night Slow Jams is very impressive and most likely will grow considerably after the Shark Tank air's this episodeRead More Here-->>>