Rapid Ramen Cooker

Rapid Roman Cooker on Shark Tank

 Top Ramen Bowl - Episode 503 - Week 3 - 10/24/2013
Shark Tank Season 5, episode 503
Christopher Johnson
Inventor of "Rapid Ramen"
 Having College Student's on the Shark Tank with new products, inventions or businesses is nothing new. But having a College Student that invented a new product specifically for students is. Christopher Johnson is the inventor and soon-to-be Shark Tank Star who came up with a better way to cook the #1 meal found in most dorm rooms which is Top Ramen. While studying at the University of California Davis, Johnson realized he could cook Top Ramen in half the time using a microwave by simply changing the way the bowl was shaped. With a little experimenting and a lot of hard work that followed, the Rapid Romen Cooker was born.

Ramen Noodles on Shark Tank
101 Creative Ways To
Cook Top Ramen
While doing a little research on the Rapid Ramen, I must say I've never thought about what goes into making a perfect Top Ramen Meal. But Christopher Johnson sure has and seems to of perfected exactly what it takes to make Top Ramen in half the time and only using half the water recommended on the directions.
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