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Better Life Cleaning Products on Shark Tank

100%  Natural Cleaning Products - Episode 501 - Week 7 - 11/1/2013
Seen on Shark Tank Season 5, episode 501
Better Life Naturally Made
Cleaning Products
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Shark Tank Show
 Simply put the Better Life Cleaning Products made by Clean Happens, is the "Cleanest, Greenest and Safest Products" you can buy for cleaning just about anything imaginable. Even if you're a shark Tank fan who is not into the Green Movement moving away from buying products with harmful chemicals to clean your Home, if you have little Kids around the House you may want to pay special attention to the "Safest" part mentioned above.

seen on Shark Tank Show episode 501, week 7, 11/1/2013
Einshine Better Life
Product made to Shine!
The Better Life Cleaning Products was developed by Good Friends Kevin & Tiffany Tibbs and Tim & Nancy Barklage who started turning their inventions into the Clean Happens Business back in 2009. Both couples each had their first baby within months of each other which not only strengthened their friendship bond, it also was the catalyst for the Better Life Brand to be Born. By all accounts the Better Life Brand seems has been a success from day one, and now is about to become "Famous" after Episode 501 airs this Friday Night on the Shark Tank Show.

So how do two young couples start a business making Green Cleaning Products in what I would assume is a very crowded market, and succeeds beyond their wildest dreams within a few short years? It all started one day when Tim Barklage was having a conversation with his wife Nancy about the chemicals on the label of the cleaning products they were using. Like any man wanting to impress his new Bride, of course he knew what all these names on the label were and why most of them didn't need to be included but still be an effective cleaning product. And just like many Husbands before his time, Tim realized he might of stuck his foot in his mouth when his wife said in so many words "O.K., then make me something better".
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