Elephant Chat

Elephant Chat on Shark Tank

Elephant In The Room - Episode 509 10/25/2013
Elephant in the Room season 5, episode 509
Jason and Amanda Adams
Inventors of Elephant Chat
 We have seen a fair amount of animals on the Shark Tank Show but an Elephant in the Room has to be a first. How the heck are they going to get an Elephant inside the Shark Tank that likes to chat? Well first off these creative entrepreneurs Jason and Amanda Adams from Mckinney, Texas, are going to stuff it inside a glass cage and carry the Elephant out themselves.

This isn't just any Elephant in the room but one that comes with a special meaning and the kind you want kept in its glass cage until a problem arises that the Elephant becomes too big and needs to be let out. Metaphorically speaking, the Elephant In The Room represents a problem or a truth that's being ignored and the longer it's not talked about, the bigger the Elephant (problem) becomes.

 Jason and Amanda Adams might know a thing or two about opening up and communicating with what's really important in a relationship. The Adams fell in Love on their very first date and already knew they would marry each other, but how do you tell someone you just met that you already want to marry them? Jason bought a stuffed elephant to represent the metaphor which was just what he needed to break the ice and open up his feelings. Amanda also felt the same way and within 6 weeks of meeting they were off to Hawaii and got married.
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