Fiber Fix

FiberFix on Shark Tank

 Super Strong Duct Tape - Episode 509- Week 7 - 10/25/2013

Fiberfix Tape seen on episode 509
Fiber Fix Tape is
Guarenteed 100 Times Stronger
 than Duct Tape!
 When you need a quick fix it's hard to go wrong using Duct Tape for a variety of uses, right. Well what if there was a duct tape like product that was 100 times stronger and capable of fixing things once thought unimaginable? This Duct Tape is so strong you can cut a shovel handle in half, wrap it with Fiber Fix Tape and it'll be as good as new within 10 minutes. If there's ever been a product on the Shark Tank I already have a variety projects I would like to try it on, the Fiber Fix Tape on episode 507 is most definitely "The One".
Fiberfix Duct Tape Different Sizes
Fiber Fix Duct Tape Kit
Include's One Roll of
1", 2" and 4" Sizes
What can you use the Fiber Fix Duct Tape on?It would probably be a lot easier asking what you can't fix with Fiber Tape. When you combine the strength of the best Duct Tape sold and add an epoxy that dries with the strength of steel, you have a Fiber Fix that can fix just about anything you can imagine. After you wrap whatever it is you're fixing, the duct tape will start to harden to the strength of steel in a matter of minutes and will be completely water proof when fully dried in about 10 minutes. Furthermore this tape is non-toxic and heat and cold resistant to most elements which makes it the "perfect duct tape" to fix just about anything.
The more I learn about Fiber Fix invented by Eric Child and Spencer Quinn, the more it has me thinking not what can I fix with this stuff, but what else can I make better and stronger by applying this tape of steel.
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