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Haunted Hayrides on Shark Tank

Ten Thirty One Productions - Episode 509 - 10/25/2013

Haunted Hayrides and Great Horror Campout episode 509
Ten Thirty One Productions
Haunted Hayrides and the
Great Horror Campout
  With Halloween only a week away, it's time for all the ghosts, goblins and scary witches to come out of hiding and make their presence known. While it's a fun Holiday for kids getting dressed up going door to door collecting all those nutritious treats, even the bigger kids like to get scarred every once in a while. This is where Melissa Carbone the owner of Ten Thirty One Productions, plans all year long to scare the heck out of anyone brave enough to go on one of  her Haunted Hayrides in the Los Angeles area.

Melissa started Ten Thirty One Productions back in 2009 with one goal in mind, to make the very best haunted hayrides imaginable. In the first four years over 100,000 people forked over an average of $30 each to ride one of her now famous rides that's open16 days each year at Griffith Park.

With numbers like these, there are clearly some big bucks to be made hosting Haunted Hayrides, but what about the other 11 1/2 months out of the year? We'll if the hayride wasn't enough to scare the heck out of you, then you might like to go spend the night at the Great Horror Sleep Over and see if you still feel the same. It's one thing to get on a big wagon and take a ride with around the park, its quite another when you're spending the entire night in a tent knowing there's lots of scary things that will be visiting you with one very scary goal in mind. The best advice is bring an extra pair of shorts because you're going to need them before the night is over. Read More Here-->>>