Mark Cuban vs SEC

Mark Cuban Sued By SEC Again

 The price for becoming a high profile billionaire Shark does have its privileges and certainly helps open doors in the business world. But unfortunately sometimes those same doors open up business opportunities you wish would just go away and never have to deal with again. After Mark Cuban sold to Yahoo for $5.9 billion at the height of the Dot Com Boom, he accumulated a net worth most people on this earth could only dream about. But one thing would never change no matter how much money Mark is worth, and that's his Entrepreneurial Spirit that's still very much alive and proven on the Shark Tank Show in every episode he's ever been on.

 So you just walk away with a few billion after selling a new company for this thing called the Internet, what do you do now? If you're a serial entrepreneur like Mark Cuban and just learned the financial potential of the Internet first hand, you of course go looking for new Internet start-ups with hopefully the same potential had. One of many Internet companies Mark Cuban has invested in was a new search engine called which he held a 6% stake in the business valuing his shares at $7.9 million at that time. Read More Here-->>>