Paparazzi Proposals

Rent A Paparazzi  on Shark Tank

 Paparazzi Proposals - Episode 508 - Week 8
James Ambler and Paparazzi Proposals
Rent A Paparazzi on Shark Tank Show
 Now here's an interesting business coming to the Shark Tank the Sharks probably know a thing or two about. Some Celebrities spend their entire lives dodging the paparazzi cameras while others go to great lengths hoping someday just to get noticed. Would you believe some people will even rent the paparazzi just to see what it's like having all the cameras and attention focused just on them? Renting your own paparazzi has to be the ultimate ego trip having a bunch of them following and taking pictures of your every move while everyone else is wondering who the heck you even are. I wonder how many people on the streets also take your picture just in case you really are a Mega Star.

As crazy as this business idea sounds, James Ambler the owner of Paparazzi Proposals also offers a more practical service that could greatly increase his overall revenue. If there was ever a moment in time you would like to get every move captured on camera it would have to be during your Marriage Proposal, right?

Well not only will Paparazzi Proposal take pictures of the special moment (hopefully hiding I would assume) they will also help create and plan the atmosphere including the location and a staged practice walk through so you don't screw up during this critical once in a life time moment. Read More Here-->>>