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Goat Rental Business Opportunity - Episode 506 - Week 5 - 10-18-2013
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Doing What They Do Best, Eating!
This idea reminds me of a small business I started when I was a kid called "Rent-A-Hand", but Rent A Goat on the Shark Tank? Why would anyone ever want to rent a goat? Actually there are several very good reasons to rent a herd of goats especially if you have lots of invasive plants and weeds on your property you need to dispose of. These animals actually love to eat everything from overgrown Blackberry's to Poison Ivy and just about everything in between.

What are the benefits of Renting A Goat compared to Hiring Landscaper's basically to do the same job? For starters Rent-A-Goat is the most Environmentally Friendly way to get rid of most invasive weeds and keep undergrowth under control without using any harmful chemicals or gasoline engine products. Just like a good landscaping crew would show up at 9 a.m. and work until 5 p.m., so does renting a Goat who works nonstop the entire time never interested in any breaks. Another benefit Renting Goats over hiring a Landscaping Crew is the ability for Goats to work on steep terrain and easily outwork most crews in these types of situations.

So how do you build a big enough Heard of Goats that can eat enough invasive weeds and make enough money to support a Shark Tank Investment? That's a good question and I think has come up with the perfect solution to build a World Wide List of Goats For Rent. Read More Here-->>>