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Scan.Me on Shark Tank

QR Code App  - Episode 507 - Week 4 - 10/11/2013

 You might not exactly know what a QR Code (Quick Response Code) is just yet, but chances are very good you have already seen them popping up on just about everything imaginable. A QR Code is a two dimensional bar code that smart phones can read and redirect you to a website, further information on a product or to make a purchase right on the spot. Implementing the QR Code's into our daily lives is still in its infancy as the advertising world is just now beginning to grasp what's possible by creating your own QR Codes. There are lots of sites on the Internet where you can make a QR Code for your Business, but only Scan.Me has what it takes to get on the Shark Tank Show.

Scan.Me (talk about the perfect domain name) not to be confused with, was first conceived by Garrett Gee when he made an educated guess the IPhone 2 would come with a built-in camera. Gee first envisioned making the Top 10 List of New Apps for the IPhone which comes with a lot of free publicity online, but first needed to develop a "Must Have App" on the cutting edge of the smartphone technology.
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