Shark Tank Episode 503

Shark Tank Season 5 Episode 503 - Week 3

Episode 503 seen on 10/4/2013
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Shark Tank Season 5 - Episode 503
 This Fridays Shark Tank Episode #503 theme is all about solving real problems for the younger generation using brand new products conceived while thinking outside the box. Starting with a real problem most little kids have at one time or another and covering all the way until their married and flew the coop. It looks like Lori Greiner and Barbara Corcoran will again be appearing on this episode of Shark Tank together and maybe, just maybe one of these new products will get the very first offer from both our Sharkette's combining their marketing experiences. Most likely that won't happen for some time, but then again, this is the Shark Tank Show and anything is possible.

Fairy Tale Wishes

The first rather interesting new Shark Tank Product is the Monster Repellent when combined with a little Fairy Tale, is sure to be a big hit for all those little Shark Tank Fans out there. I'm sure most parents are familiar with reverse psychology used from time to time, but the Fairy Tales Wishes Brand takes this to a whole new level using what's known as Therapy Aroma Sprays for Kid's.

Freeloader Child Carrier

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