Shark Tank Episode 506 (week 5)

Shark Tank Season 5 Episode 506

Rufflebutts and Rugged Butts Seen on Shark Tank
Rugged Butts and Ruffle Butts seen on
 Shark Tank Episode 506
 Tonight's Show has a few interesting businesses for kids that will have them baa-fen all the way to the bank. First off is a highly successful kids clothing line that adds a little ruffle to the butts to create this unique line. We then have another business that kid's and parents are going to love once they taste a Sweet Potato Popsicle for the first time. Now if you think you're kids eat a lot, just imagine renting them out and getting paid while they eat as much as they want. The last featured business on the Shark Tank Episode 506 has to do with pain associated with Bikini Waxing and how a contestant from the Survivor Show has made this as painless as possible.

Ruffle Butts - Rugged Butts

 The seemingly two separate businesses Ruffle Butts and Rugged Butts are both owned by Husband and Wife Entrepreneurs Mark and Amber Schaub. What started out making a few cute clothes for Amber's own kid's, has grown into a large business with hundreds of products already available.

Bare Ease Bikini Wax

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