Shark Tank Episode 507

Shark Tank Show Episode 507

Season 5 - Week 4 - 10/11/2013
Mission Belt with No Holes
Tonights Shark Tank
Featured Product
"The Mission Belt"
 Tonight's Shark Tank Episode's theme is a Family Affair centering around two family run businesses on tonight's Show. One of the Family Businesses was started by a little Girl cleaning up a product that happened to be exactly what her Dad needed to complete His project. The other Family Run Business appearing on the Shark Tank took a Family with 5 Boys, 8 full years to perfect their new Surfboard/ Skateboard combo.

As the App Market continues to grow so does the list of Apps that's been featured on the Shark Tank Show. Tonight's new App is one that all Businesses and Services will be interested in when they find out how easy it is to create your own QR Code for Free. When you find out how effective a QR Code can help your business, you'll want to kick back and listen to Sunday Night Slow Jams with none other than R Dub Himself

Episode 507 Featured Contestants

Screen Mend

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