Shark Tank On CNBC

SharkTank on CNBC Prime Time

 With all the new changes in Shark Tank Season 5 including 2 new billionaires, dropping the 2%-5% equity rule and Barbara & Lori now appearing on the same episodes together, it looks like past Shark Tank Contestants are going to get another large boost for appearing on the Show.

Pairing the #1 Business Reality Show the "Shark Tank", with the #1 Business News Channel "CNBC" is a Great Idea that's going to become reality. CNBC just announced they licensed the Exclusive Off-Network Cable Rights to past Shark Tank Episodes and will begin airing in the Prime Time Slot this January 2014. Furthermore, CNBC will begin an expanded schedule of Shark Tank reruns in the fall of 2014 after the Season 5 Finale.

The Shark Tank reruns have proven they are just as entertaining watching multiple times because you always learn something new. As you're business knowledge grows so does your opinions and negotiating skills which makes this Show more of a teaching tool above anything else. If you want to learn about Big Business on a Global Scale, there's only one channel CNBC, that's at the top of its game. Combining the Best Business Reality Show with the Best Business News Channel is a natural fit that's sure to pay big dividends.Read More Here-->>>