Sweet Ballz Gone Sour - Update

What Happened To Sweet Ballz After the Shark Tank Show?

Season 5 premiere week 1
James McDonald and Cole Egger
Seen on Shark Tank Season 5 Premiere
 This has to be one of the craziest stories I have ever heard coming from the Shark Tank Show. Without a doubt Sweet Ballz was the clear winner in Season 5 Premiere Show having all 5 Sharks interested in investing in their Cake Ball business. In the end it was Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran who teamed up together and invested a combined $250,000.00 during this season's opener.

It's Like Winning the Lottery and then Throwing The Ticket Away

Everything seemed to be going great for James McDonald and Cole Egger who appeared on the Shark Tank. They had $700k in sales of SweetBallz from 7-11 Stores in just the past 3 months and just scored a quarter million dollar deal with two Sharks to bring Sweet Balls to a whole new level.Read More Here-->>>