"Shark Tank" Replaces "Lucky 7 Show" on Tuesday Nights

Shark Tank Reruns Replacing Lucky 7 on Tuesday Nights

Lucky 7 Show gets replaced by Shark Tank reruns
Lucky 7 Show
Canceled After 2 Episodes
Replaced by "The Shark Tank Show"
 The Lucky 7 Show featuring seven gas station employees winning the lottery lasts a whopping 2 episodes before ABC pulls it from the Tuesday Night lineup. After watching the trailer, you know I might of even watched The Lucky 7 Show had I known it was on TV, but like millions of other people, I wasn't even aware this new lottery show was on. Maybe that's a good thing because I'm not a big fan on watching a lot of TV unless I'm learning something like I do when watching the Shark Tank Show, but it's always interesting seeing how people change after winning huge sums of money all at the same time.

With the worst Fall TV Ratings in ABC's History the Executives had no problem pulling Lucky 7 after two episodes on Tuesday Night and replacing the time slot with an up and coming new Hit "Scandal Show". The Scandal rerun numbers started off a little better than the Lucky 7 Lottery Show but ultimately the numbers also fell to new season lows and now it's being replaced by the Shark Tank Show for at least the next two weeks.
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