Tree T Pee on Shark Tank

Tree-T-Pee For Trees - Episode 501 - Week 7 - 11/1/2013
Tree T Pee seen on Shark Tank Episode 501
Johnny Georges on the
Shark Tank Show
w/ Tree-T-Pee Invention
 After watching every video I could find on the Tree-T-Pee I have one main question, why isn't this product being made and/or promoted for all kinds of Tree Species instead of only Citrus Trees? This is one market I happen to know a little bit about after spending 20+ years in the tree industry, and I must say I really like what I see. Most of my time was spent climbing out larger trees hanging over million dollar homes, but even the biggest of tree's had to start somewhere and this is where the Tree-T-Pee comes in.

The Inventor of Tree-T-Pee is Johnny Georges from Arcadia, Florida who built this protective barrier made out of 100% recycled plastic. You simply slide the cone shaped T-Pee around the base of the tree which creates a mini greenhouse environment and protects smaller tree's from the elements as well. The irrigation system is converted down to  individual drip emitters for each Tree-T-Pee which greatly reduces the amount of water required when watering. Not only will this reduce the amount of water required per tree, it also prevents unwanted grass and weeds nearby from getting watered resulting in less maintenance throughout the growing season. The Tree T Pee has also proven to be an excellent frost protection devise for smaller trees which that alone would pay for themselves in a single night under extreme frost conditions.

By the looks of Johnny Georges Videos, He's already keeping very busy selling thousands of Tree-T-Pees mostly to the Commercial Citrus Tree Growers. I would imagine just about every commercial tree grower out there will instantly see the benefits of how much money the Tree-T-Pee will save them and most likely will become an Industry Standard especially in water conservative drought stricken areas.
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