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BellyBuds on Shark Tank

Ear Buds for Pregnant Moms - Episode 508 - 11-8-2013

Belly Buds seen on Shark Tank episode 508
BellyBuds Baby Bump System
Invented By
Curt & Jama Williams
 Just exactly when do babies began comprehending and responding to the sounds of music? I have spent way too much time trying to answer that question for the Belly Buds article with the best estimate put around 5 months after conception. No one knows for sure exactly what our tiny little miracles are really thinking and/or comprehending, but there's no question they do respond to sounds while developing at this critical time. The more I learn about theBellybuds invented by Curt and Jama Williams, the more this invention makes perfect sense on how you can get a get a jump start on your life long journey as a parent.
Belly Buds for pregnant moms, episode 508
BellyBuds on
Modern Family

The BellyBuds Baby Bump Sound System is basically ear buds or earphones made specifically for your unborn child. The earphones stick to the belly with a medical grade reusable adhesive that only your new baby can hear. If Mommy (or Daddy) would also like to hear whatever music or message they are playing to their baby-to-be, the Williams have also included an audio splitter in every Belly Buds sold. Using the bellybuds you also have full control of the volume with a built-in maximum volume control for the safety of your baby.

We all know how music instantly effect's our moods depending on the type of music we're listening to, right? Well exactly how old are you when the power of music starts affecting your emotions on this high of a level? As fate would have it that's now happened enough times it can't be a coincidence when writing for the Shark Tank Success Blog, the answer actually found me. I happen to watch this video below on (of course) ABC News that clearly shows the strong emotions this little guy already has developed towards music and more importantly towards his mother's voice when she sings a sad song.
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