Chocomize Chocolate Bars

Chocomize on Shark Tank

Customized Chocolate Bars - Episode 511 - 11/22/2013

Senn on Shark Tank episode 511 11/22/2013
Chocomize Owners
Eric Heinbockel, Fabian Kaempfer
 and Nick LaCava
 Just my luck I would have to start learning about Chocomize Chocolate Bars visiting their twitter page with a big photo of the latest tweet. It simply says "Know a Gourmet Chocolate Fan" along with a picture full of custom chocolate bars where you can buy the entire set. Yes no doubt about it, I'm already hooked on Chocomizing my own Chocolate Bars.

Chocomize from Shark Tank Show
Hot Chocolate on a Spoon
Exclusive @ Chomize Chocolate
The Chocomize Chocolate Bars Business was first envisioned by Eric Heinbockel who soon brought in Fabian Kaempfer and Nick LaCava to get this business kick started. All three were fresh out of college and couldn't find jobs so they did what every inspiring entrepreneur does, they created their own. Starting with an initial $70k in working capital, the Chocomize Business grossed over $400k in the first year alone and has continued to grow at a rapid pace as word is quickly spreading. How many of the 7+ million Shark Tank Fans are also chocolate lovers and will want to customize their own bars after episode 511 airs will be very impressive indeed.
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