Kymera Body Boards Update

Update on the Kymera Body Boards

Jet Powered Body Boards on Shark Tank
Kymera Jet Powered Body Boards
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 It's not often I ever do an update on an update before a contestant even appears on the Shark Tank, in fact I believe this is a first. Half the fun about writing this Blog is learning about new products and services along with the Entrepreneurs that have created them before they appear on TV. Unlike the Sharks that know nothing about the business before they walk into the Shark Tank, I have already done my homework and usually know quite a lot about the business and/or product. I also have the advantage seeing how the entrepreneurs react when they get that final call saying "You made the final cut and scheduled to be on the Shark Tank Show" which is never a guarantee even if you did go in front of the Sharks.

I have seen a few businesses get fantastic deals already knowing they will never get completed after the Sharks dig a little deeper. I have also seen some really cool inventions that I just knew the Sharks would invest in, but to my amazement they passed on investing in the business. Usually the most common reasons the Sharks pass on a cool new product or service is overvaluing the business, under valuing hoping to start a bidding war, not knowing your numbers, margins too low to make a decent profit, other Angel Investors already have large equity stake or simply the technology/market is not mature enough at the present time.

So what's this all have to do with the Kymera Body Boards? After reading what I just wrote, that's a good question. Read More Here-->>>