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Magic Moments App on Shark Tank

Create New Products Online - Episode 510 - 11-15-2013

Free Magic Moments App
Magic Moments App turns Photo's into Custom Items
 The Magic Moments App coming to the Shark Tank turns any of your Smart Phone picture's into virtually anything you can think of. Not only can you take any picture and easily have it printed on a T-Shirt, Mug, Hats, Shot Glasses and even iPhone Cases, you also have the opportunity to sell your creations online. Magic Moments has its own social marketplace where you can submit as many magic moments of your own and receive a 5% commission anytime someone buys your photo and places it on one of thousands of items to choose from.

Blake George, Trevor George and Sanford Nelson are the creators of the Free Magic Moments App. It looks like all three will be inside the Shark Tank this Friday Night looking to score a deal with the Sharks with the latest App to enter the tank. What makes this App stand out more than most is the trio made a deal with CafePress who takes care of making, sending and shipping for all the new creations created with Magic Moments App.Read More Here-->>>