Mark Cuban Hangout

Google Hangout Video with Mark Cuban

How To Make A Successful Elevator Pitch  To Mark Cuban
 You just never know what you're going to find on YouTube these days, but this video of Mark Cubans Google Hangout is one I'm very glad I found. It's one thing watching the Sharks on TV all fancied up for the camera's, but it's quite another having the opportunity to hangout with them in real time and learn things never talked about on the Shark Tank Show.
One of the many subjects Mark Cuban covers in his Hangout has to do with getting his attention if you have a new product or business opportunity you think he might be interested in. How many thousands of elevator-type pitches has Cuban heard over the years? It's more like how many hundreds of investment opportunities does he receive in a single day. I can attest just from this blog alone having an article for each Shark and all the Investments they've made thus far, Marks article gets by far more comments from people trying to pitch to him then all the other Sharks articles combined. I'm not sure what it is about that page (3/4 of them never get posted, lots of BS) but it's kind of an interesting fact.
Is Mark Cuban "really" even reading those comments and considering any of those opportunities? Probably not. If you REALLY want to get a hold of Mark Cuban you're going to have to try a lot harder and be more creative than that.
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