Purse Case on Shark Tank

Mini Purse/ Cell Phone Case - Episode 511 - 11-22-2013
Mini Purse Case hold Smartphones
Mini Purse w/ Cell Phone Case
 What do you get when you combine a protective cell phone case with a mini purse filled with all the essentials? Why you get this really cool looking PurseCase that's coming to the Shark Tank Show this Friday Night November 22, 2013. The Purse Case invented by Kelley Coughlan and Jenn Dees didn't start out as a million dollar idea, but was first born out of necessity for what they call the Bermuda Triangle for purses that swallows up smartphones.

It took Kelly and Jenn several months developing the ultimate mini purse that not only protects your smart phone; you can also take pictures and make calls while still inside the PurseCase. There's also room for a mirror, credit cards, pocket for cash and a stylish chain that can be converted into a bracelet. After they had the proto type complete and an overwhelming positive response from everyone that seen the Purse Case, Deese and Coughlan decided on the Kickstarter route to help fund their new invention. Read More Here-->>>