Schulzies Bread Pudding

 Schultzies Bread Pudding on Shark Tank

Bread Pudding Deserts - Episode 508 - 11/8/2013

Bread Pudding Shop seen on episode 508, 11/8/2013
Sarah Schultz of Schulzies Bread Pudding Shops
Featuring 108 Custom Desserts to choose from.
 So how big is the Bread Pudding Market? Just ask Rachael Ray what's the very best and most expensive bread pudding on the market and the Schultzies Brand will be at the top of the list. Not for the most expensive desert that sells for $34,000.00 per dish, but for the Best with over 108 different deserts to choose from. Sarah Schultz the owner of Schultzies is coming to the Shark Tank looking to snag at least one Shark with a big pocket book and a sweet tooth to match.

 Currently there's two Schulzies Bread Pudding Shops open for Business in California. The first Schulzies is located at 1827 Ocean Front Walk in Venice, CA., with the new location at 364 Hayes St. in San Francisco. If you'd like to get a real good idea what some of these 108 Bread Pudding Dishes look like and what to expect before you get there, look no further than Schulzies FaceBook page that has several pictures of desserts Sarah offers. But one thing I must warn you if you live anywhere within 100 miles of a Schulzies Pudding Shop is you might want to eat "any desert" you have on hand first. Why? Because I live over 800 miles from the nearest shop and I'm half tempted to jump in the car and take a little road trip of my own. Yes, this dessert really does look that good!Read More Here-->>>