Slawsa on the Shark Tank

Modern Condiments - Episode 510 - 11-15-2013
Slawsa and Julie Busha seen on Shark Tank Show
Julie Busha proudly displaying
the Slawsa Brand before
becoming a Shark Tank
Super Star!
  Have you ever seen an Entrepreneur you just knew was going to be Successful especially after their appearance on the Shark Tank Show? Well if you haven't before, you will after this Friday Night's episode featuring Julie Busha and her soon-to-be Famous Slawsa Products. Busha's recipe for success starts with a product that tastes really good on all kinds of food and puts those boring condiments to shame. Julie then adds a dash of enthusiasm which can easily be seen in every jar of Slawsa. She then tops it all off with pure motivation and the determination to succeed that you can't help but want to try a little Slawsa for yourself.

Spicy Slawsa episode 510
Spicy Slawsa
 One of the best things I always like seeing from future Shark Tank Contestants before they go on the Greatest Business Show in History is some of the creative ways they choose to market this once in a lifetime opportunity. It baffles me how many contestants still don't get the power of the Internet and what Social Networking can do for their bottom line. But the ones that do understand this phenomenon and know the importance of socializing with their customers will always be two steps ahead of any future competition. If you're not sure what I'm talking about, just watch this promotional video by Julie Busha about the Slawsa appearance on the Shark Tank this Friday Night.

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