Amazon's Future Success Story

The Future of Amazon's Success

 I have always been a big fan of 60 Minute's and rarely miss an episode but last night's Show with Jeff Bezos the Founder of, is one that will forever be ingrained in my memory. Just one single idea from that Show has kept me up all night (it's 3:35 AM as I'm writing this) thinking about this absolutely huge opportunity only a few short years away.

I myself already shop at Amazon quite regularly and have yet to have a bad experience with their service. They send you an email with an expected delivery time and every single time it shows up earlier than expected. I'm also an Affiliate for Amazon and always interested in learning from the Top Brass, I had plenty of reasons to watch 60 Minutes and see what Jeff Bezos had to say.

Amazon has one major long term goal, "To sell everything to everyone at the best possible price". This seems like quite the ambitious goal especially when you consider where Jeff Bezos was back in 1994 when was first born. What started out as an Online Book Store run out of his garage much like a lot of Shark Tank Contestants, and grown into 95 Super Fullfilment Centers around the world with millions of available products. Jeff stated on 60 Minutes that today Cyber Monday, Amazon will full fill over 300 products per second all day long.

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