Fohawx Mohawk Helmet's

Fohawx Helmet Attachments on Shark Tank

Mohawk Helmet Accessories - Episode 513 - 12/6/2013
seen on the Shark Tank Show Season 5, episode 513
Fohawx Inventors
Jocelyn Fine and Kelly Dineen
Coming to the Shark Tank
Now why is it that a lot of Kid's do not like wearing safety helmets? It's simple really, because most helmet designs they perceive as uncool. What if you could take any safety helmet on the market and instantly "make it cool" by sporting a colorful Mohawk? Chances are you might create a whole new set of problems when your kid's now refuse to take off their helmet, even at Dinner time. This is an interesting product coming to the Shark Tank that has a much bigger motive than just looking cool.

 These Fohawx Helmet Add-Ons have been compared to Fonzie's Leather Jacket from the "Hit TV Show Happy Days" on what it takes to "Look Cool" in this day and age. No kidding, that's a true story and I'm sticking to it. :)

Mohawk Helmet's
The two Entrepreneurs' behind the Fohawx Helmets are Kelly Dineen and Joycelyn Fine coming from Bayonne, New Jersey. What makes these two entrepreneurs more than qualified in the Kid's Industry is the fact they both have held management positions at Toys R Us Headquarters. I suppose if you want to invent a new product that make kids look cool and become wildly successful in the process, getting coveted shelf space at Toys R Us Stores would have to be the Holy Grail. What are the odds you can already buy the Fohawx Helmet Accessories at Toys R Us? I would say about 100%, unless of course they already sold out for the Holidays.
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