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(This is a guest post for a good cause.  Author and attribution below.  Enjoy! - Curator)

The Holiday Season Brings Everyone Together!  (Help Save Dogs, Cats, Horses, and Wildlife)

Even dogs and cats can get along this time of the year!  Maybe this dog and cat’s New Year’s resolutions were to get over the age-old grudge of feline versus canine?  Just like these two pets, Morris Animal Foundation, a nonprofit that funds studies to improve veterinary science, has its own New Year’s resolution--to help dogs, cats, horses, and wildlife in every way that it can. In fact, Morris even has a New Year’s resolution it would like to accomplish before New Year’s!  If Morris raises $100,000 by December 31, 2013, a donor will give $100,000 to match the money that others have donated.  Join us in helping to protect animal health!  See our Season of Hope Gift Matchfor more information.

About Morris Animal Foundation’s successes:

·         Furthered cancer research in dogs
·         Helped in the creation of the first feline leukemia vaccine
·         Found new treatment for eye cancer in horses

Morris also has many new studies that you can help make a reality.  One study will look into how nutrition affects a dog’s likelihood of developing cancer.  This study will try using black beans and navy beans to bring overweight dogs back to a normal weight.  This will hopefully decrease the risk of cancer in these dogs.  This is just one of Morris Animal Foundation’s studies that are in the process of being funded.

Be a part of the movement to save animals and donatetoday!

Author Bio:This is a guest post by Katie F. on behalf of Morris Animal Foundation. Visit learn more about the animal health research that Morris Animal Foundation participates in.