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Chrismukkah Tree Toppers - Episode 512 - 12-13-2013
 Hanukkah Tree Topper seen 12/13/2013
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 What do you get when you mix Christmas and Hanukkah Holiday traditions together? You get to celebrate two Holidays and call it Chrismukkah. Until I started doing a little research on this Holiday Tree Topper coming to the Shark Tank, I honestly never heard the word Chrismukkah let alone knowing it's a Holiday Tradition practiced by thousands of Multi-Faith Families.
The owners of the patented Chrismukkah Tree Toppers are Morri and Marina Chowalki, who have been selling their popular Holiday items since 2009. When Morri and Marina first married and started having kids, they had a small problem concerning their religious faiths during the Holiday Seasons. Morri was raised a Jew and celebrated Hanukkah, while Marina grew up and celebrated Christmas. As with all marriages that have any chance surviving long term, they decided to compromise and celebrate both Holiday traditions together.

Probably the most recognized item most people have when celebrating Christmas is the Christmas Tree. With the Star of David as a symbol always present during Hanukkah, Morri decided to patent and invent a Tree Topper representing Hanukkah that sits on top the Christmas Tree and shows their Chrismukkah Spirit for both religions.
Tree Topper seen in episode 512, 12/13/2013
Hanukkah Tree Toppers
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