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Mark Cubans Shark Tank Success Quotes

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"How To Win At The Sport
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 If there's one thing you can always say about Mark Cuban is he's is very dedicated and determined no matter what he's doing. Having bought and sold several very successful businesses from the ground up, Mark comes to the Shark Tank with unique qualities only he could provide. What can you learn from some of Marks most memorable quotes coming from this waiter turned self-made billionaire? One quote Mark Cuban has used multiple times that's worth ingraining in your mind is "you only have to be right once".  That's one powerful statement that will get any 'true entrepreneur" headed back in the right direction during any temporary obsticle. Combine this quote with one of my favorite saying's "Failure is NOT An Option", and you have a mind-set that guarantees its only a matter of time until you succeed!

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Mark Cubans Famous Quotes:

  1. Being Rich Is A Good Thing!
  2. I love that Shark Tank is killing it.
  3. I worked harder and smarter than most people in the businesses I've been in.
  4. Don't sell your product, solve their problems.
  5. The only thing any entrepreneur, salesperson or anyone in any position can control is their effort.
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