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All Success First Begins With a Single Positive Thought
Followed by Massive Action!
 Do you Dream of Success or do you Expect SUCCESS? You're either dreaming or you really do have what it takes to succeed. If you believe (I mean really BELIEVE with all your Heart) you can achieve exactly what you focus on, You Will Be Right! If you have even the slightest of doubts your dreams might not be achievable, then yes you are also right. The laws of the Universe will ALWAYS give you "EXACTLY What You Believe You Are Worth" and not a penny more.

The Most Motivating Success Video starts off with Jim Carry's Success Story when He wrote himself a postdated check for $10 million three years in the future. Jim had a very specific date to make this dream become reality and frequently looked at his multi-million dollar check inside his wallet. He didn't dream or hope maybe someday he might be able to cash a check that big. Instead Jim Carry focused every single day walking into the bank and making a deposit until it became reality. Jim firmly believed he was worth $10 million, and the Universe finally had no choice and gave Carry exactly what He believed he was worth.

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