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Ride On Carry On Luggage on Shark Tank

Luggage / Stroller combo - Season 2 - Episode 204
Owners randy and Darryl Lenz make a deal with Barbara Corcoran
Very Happy Entrepreneur's
Randy and Darryl Lenz
make deal with Barbara Corcoran
 What's one of the main problems traveling with small children at the airport this time of year? With all the long lines of crowded people all seemingly in a hurry, it doesn't take long to wear the little ones out in quick fashion. But you only have so much room on the airplane for your luggage, and even if you did have a stroller to make their journey more pleasant, there's nowhere to store it on the airplane, right? With 99.9% of all luggages made these days you would be absolutely right. But this Ride On Carry On attaches to any wheeled carry-on luggage and instantly transforms it into a travel stroller.

Luggage/ Stroller attachment seen on Shark Tank Show
Ride on - Carry On Stroller
Attachment for Carry-On Luggage
The inventors of this really neat idea for the Ride On Carry On attachment is Darryl and Randy Lenz. At the time of this Shark Tank Episode which aired in the second Season and on Jeff Foxworthy's first appearance as a Shark, the business had already been established for 14 years. During that time they already sold over 20,000 units of the Ride On-Carry On patented product with 2000 units sold in the year prior.

Randy and Darryl Lenz before the Shark Tank Interview

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