Shark Tank 2 Hour Special

Shark Tank 2 Hour Special 12/20/2013

Back-To-Back Shark Tank Episode's
Ruck Pack on Shark Tank Christmas Special
Major Dyer coming back to the Shark Tank for 2 Hour
Back-To-Back Christmas Special This Friday Night.
With such a Successful Shark Tank Christmas Special last week, the Sharks are taking tonight off while they show 2 very successful back-to-back reruns. Tonight's Two Hour Special begins with Episode 411 which first aired last year in November, and one contestant emerged with a multi-million dollar business that was just Featured last week. The second part of Shark Tanks 2 Hour Special is this Season's first episode where Barbara Corcoran and Lori Greiner are finally on the same show together for the first time.

Shark Tank Episode 411Recap/ Update

Ruck Pack Energy Shots came marching on the Shark Tank with a clearly defined mission. Major Dyers mission to bring he Ruck Pack Energy Drinks to the market was so convincing, he received double the amount of capital than he was asking for.

Corks Away Wine Cruise tries to persuade the Sharks to take a bite out of the Luxury Wine Cruise Business. Taking a short tern Cruise like this sounds like a lot of fun, but is it financial scalable to the Sharks liking?Read More Here-->>>