Shark Tank Episode 513 Recap

Shark Tank Season 5 - Episode 513

Recap from Shark Tank - 12/6/2013

Spirit Hoods Recap after Shark Tank

The first up in the Shark Tank Season 5 Episode 513 was Alexander Mendeluk and Marley Marotta representing the Stylish Spirithoods. They waste little time asking for $450,000.00 for a 15% stake in these creative Animal Hats. A few Spirit Hood Models dress up the Sharks to help bring out their inner animal spirits and giving Robert Herjevic what appears to be a bunny with big floppy ears.
But they seemed to forget about Mark Cuban which might not of been the best way to make a good first impression. They finally reveal a Spirithood for Mark they named the Fanimal for Professional Sports Teams. Cuban quickly say's "I'm not feeling it" as he seems to take it off about as fast as it went on.

A few of the other Sharks on stage also don't seem to be feeling it, until Kevin O'Leary asks about the sales of the Spirit Hood Brand. To date Spirit Hoods has done $9.4 million in sales which gets All the Sharks excited that maybe there's something to these Faux Hats after all. Never the less, all the Sharks proceed to go out until only The Shark Daymond John was left. Daymond knowing a thing or two about building a Successful Brand starting with Hats sees this more as a licensing opportunity and offers the $450k but wants 50% of the SpiritHood Brand. It would of been a deal made in Angel Investing Heaven had Mendeluk and Marotta agreed to the deal, but wisely decided not to take Daymond's deal in the end.

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