Spirit Hoods Faux Hats

SpiritHoods on the Shark Tank

Fake Fur Hats - Episode 513 - 12/06/2013
SpiritHoods seen in episode 513, 12/6/2013
Spirit Hoods Owner's and Head Tribe Leaders
Alexander Mendeluk, Marley Marotta,
 Ashley Harber and Chase Hamilton
coming to the Shark Tank
 If you could transform into any animal in the world, what would it be? Would you become the King of the Jungle with a Spirit that dominates your surroundings? Or maybe your more like a cute little kitty cat that enjoys standing out in the crowd. Whatever Animal Spirit best describes you're personality, Spirit Hood's has the perfect hat-like Hood made with Genuine Faux (fake) Fur that's guaranteed to bring out the Animal from within. Once you dawn any number of the Spirit Hoods already available for sale, you can join Tribe's with like-minded individuals sharing the same Animal Spirit.

OK, I know what a few of you are probably thinking. A company coming to the Shark Tank selling fake fur hats resembling Wild Animals that help bring out their Spirit from within. You forgot the part about joining a Tribe which according to Spirithood's Facebook page, is a very large and popular Tribe indeed.

I have actually already seen the SpiritHoods before (at least I think it was this Brand) up at Vail the last time we went Skiing. Two good looking Snow Bunnies came down the Slope with one having long blond hair that caught my attention the most. That very realistic fake fur hat had me doing a double take until I almost fell right over which is something I seldom do. She was wearing a Spirit hood that looked just like a Red Fox with realistic cute little ears. If there's an entire Tribe of Red Foxes out there, then maybe I wouldn't mind finding my Big Bad Wolf Spirit after all.
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