Tipsy Elves Christmas Sweaters

Tipsy Elves on Shark Tank

Ugliest Christmas Sweaters - Episode 512 - 12-13-2013

Tipsy Elves Sweaters seen on Shark Tank Show
Guaranteed Ugliest Christmas Sweaters EVER
coming to the Shark Tank Show
 Are these Christmas Sweaters ugly or what? I mean come on, Santa making designs with yellow snow and Frosty the Snow Man getting a little frisky with his nose on the other end. What about the two Reindeer humping on a fanny pack? LOL, no these are not your ordinary Christmas Sweater's, in fact you may need to get a little tipsy yourself to appreciate the full line of Tipsy Elves creative, and yes ugly sweaters.

Frosty's Naughty Nose
Ugly Christmas Sweater
I have to admit when I first seen the Tipsy Elves Christmas Sweaters my first impression was "you seen one Christmas Sweater, you pretty much seen them all". All Christmas sweaters are kind of ugly as far as I'm concerned. But upon closer inspection of that ugly buck toothed reindeer "I Got It" and realized these Ugly Christmas Sweaters coming to the Shark Tank have created an entire successful business making fun of this Christmas Tradition.

The Entrepreneur's behind Tipsy Elves Ugly Sweaters is Evan Mendelsohn and Nick Morton.who got a little tipsy one night and decided they would design the most visually offensive Ugly Christmas Sweaters ever made. The buck-toothed reindeer sweater was so ugly (in a professional and stylish way) it made its way on to the Today Show during their ugly Christmas sweater competition held in 2011.
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