a dog dreams and erin vaganos takes you there

image copyright and by kindest permission of the artist, erin vaganos 
Every dog's slumber should look like this.  I've wondered where my dog goes in his good dreams.  Thanks to this dreamcatcher of a piece by Philadelphia artist Erin Vaganos, now I know.  There's a layer of friendly cats (I can attest to this happening in real life); a free run under moonlit skies; too many bones to grab; and a sea of stars to surf him back and forth.
Erin V's fluid forms (look at this, from her website gallery) and her eye for soothing yet very modern color (look at this, from her blog), created from watercolor and pen/ink, made me feel as though I'd given myself up to a wonderful universe for a few.  I was delighted to learn she has illustrated children's educational books, as her style lends itself to warmth and imaginative possibility, a sure recipe for engagement.
Erin's website, Golden Quince Studios, is here.