Alaska Glacial Mud

Alaska Glacial Mud on Shark Tank

Glacial Skin Care - Episode 514 - 1/17/2014
seen on Shark Tank episode 514, 1/17/2014
Lauren Padawer owner of Alaska Glacier Mud Co
collecting skin care mud from Cooper River Delta

 The last Great Frontier Alaska Glacial Mud is coming to the Shark Tank with what seems to be the Very Best Natural Skin Care Products Mother Earth has to offer. All these natural skin care products are made with real glacial mud harvested from the Copper River Delta near the beautiful town of Cordova, Alaska. Lauren Padawer the owner of Alaska Glacial Mudcompany started this 100% organic skin care line in 2006 and continues to expand on her success within the luxury market.

Luxury All Natural Skin Care

Alaska Glacial Mud Purifying

Mineral Mud Masque

Not only does Alaska Glacier Mud owner use the purest naturally organic skin care mud probably still left on this earth, Padawer also includes over 60 nourishing trace elements that help promote healthy skin regeneration while detoxifying and softening the skin. Because all the ingredients used in the Alaska Glacial Mud skin care line are all natural, they are all 100% biodegradable free of any fragrances, colors and fillers. As far as the packaging goes, Lauren again went the extra mile and uses only recycled materials.

Trying to find any sales figures for Alaska Glacial Mud Co to see how successful Lauren Padawer has already become before her Shark Tank appearance turned up a little information, but what does look impressive is the number of online stores and luxury spas already carrying this product. What other skin care mask product could possibly compete against millions of years old mud harvested from an untouched glacier? It certainly makes sense to me that nature herself "always" has the best solution compared to other unnatural ingredients found in a lot of the competitions. Read More Here-->>>