"inferior animals afford instruction to man"

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A kinda grim, but thought-provoking item from Poems by Josiah Dean Canning (Greenfield, Mass.: Phelps & Ingersoll, Printer, 1838) p. 185.


As the loquacious geese upon the wing,
Evading labor, never cease to sing; 
As the poor bee, half-drowned in soaking rain, 
Dries his wet wing and buzzes forth again; 
As the good dog obeys his master's will, 
Thro' good and evil his companion still; 
As the meek lamb, beneath the butcher's knife, 
In conscious innocence resigns its life— 

So, man, on thee when life's hard labors press, 
Let your heart sing, and make the burden less. 
When Mischief's ill-brewed rains have drenched 4 it thro', 
Dry your wet cloak and brave the storm anew. 
From your own dog a golden lesson learn, 
And ne'er to sacred friendship traitor turn. 
When death shall lift his hand to give the blow, 
Look in his face and unresisting go!