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Cookie Dough Cafe on Shark Tank

Raw Cookie Dough - Episode 502 - 1/31/2014
Raw Cookie Dough on episode 502, 1-31-2014
The Cookie Dough Cafe
seen to the Shark Tank Show

 Now here's an interesting invention coming to the Shark Tank I know a thing or two about. Apparently eating raw cookie dough meant to be cooked is not good for you but it sure didn't to stop my Brother's and I from eating plenty of it as kids. One time a long long time ago when you could buy sheets of pre-made cookie dough, my Mom decided to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies only to discover a perfect bite (teeth and all) already taken out of the cookie dough. Obviously none of us confessed although I'm sure we all thought about it, so she lined us up and compared our teeth to the perfectly preserved bite mark left in the sheet of cookie dough. LOL, my older Brother was busted as there was no denying he was the one that took that memorable bite.

Cookie Dough Cafe Entrepreneurs who and sisters Joan Pacetti and Julia Schmid obviously share the same passion we shared for raw cookie dough, we just didn't turn it into the next Mega-Hit Shark Tank Product coming to a store near you soon.

The Cookie Dough Cafe Brand is not meant be be cooked but rather eaten raw right out of the cookie jar. Currently it looks like there are three main products to choose from including my favorite Chocolate Chip, Cookies & Cream and the Monster Cookie Dough which consists of peanut butter and lots of M&M candies. At a retail price of $6.99 per pint, the Cookie Dough Cafe Brand is not your ordinary cookie dough, but a whole new way to enjoy raw cookie dough that's actually good for you.Read More Here-->>>