Cow Wow Cereal Milk

Cow Wow Cereal Milk on Shark Tank

Organic Cereal Milk - Episode 502 - 1/31/2014

Cow Wow Flavored Cereal Milk on episode 502, 1/31/2014
Cow Wow Cereal Milk
coming to the Shark Tank
this Friday Night on ABC
 Creating Brand awareness for a new product is a huge challenge for any new business, but the Cow Wow Cereal Milk seems to have nailed it on several different levels. I suppose when you're trying to break into the multi-billion dollar cereal market controlled by a select few, you best get very creative in your marketing and that's exactly what Chris Pouy the president and founder of Cow Wow Cereal Milk has done. In fact Chris was responsible for helping build several Fortune 500 companies brands before deciding to build the Cow Wow Cereal Milk into a soon-to-be Shark Tank Super Success Story.

I first visited the Cow Wow Now Facebook page to start learning about this Organic Milk that tastes like cereal and after watching this catchy little video with Bessie the Cow, I was hooked. Grant it I didn't realize how many very successful marketing campaigns Pouy had already been involved with but it clearly demonstrates a lot of thought making this brand a a very easy one to remember. SOB if I couldn't post a link to it, but it's the video with Bessie the Cow having Cowbernator problems with the Cow Wow Mobile. Very Creative!

I did however find this Cow Wow Cereal Milk review by Renae Christine that certainly sold me on giving the Cow Wow Cereal Milk a try. O.K. maybe she's a little out there, but Renae is definitely entertaining to watch her reviews on new products.Read More Here-->>>