Cycloramic Panoramic App

Cycloramic on Shark Tank Show

Panoramic Picture's with Smart phone - Episode 502 - 1/31/2014
Panoramic App for Smart Phones, episode 502, 1/31/2014
Magical Panoramic App
seen on Shark Tank Episode #502

 Have you ever wished you could take panoramic pictures hands-free with your IPhone or Android Smartphone? If I didn't already know about the Cycloramic App that appears to have magical powers, I'd have to say it would be impossible to take a full 360 degree panoramic photo with any smart phone using nothing more than a vibrating app. We'll guess what? There's now an App for that which certainly looks like a lot of fun to play around with.

The Cycloramic Panoramic Photo App was invented by Bruno Francios who will be making His debut as the newest Shark Tank contestant this Friday night in episode 502. You simply balance your smartphone upright on a smooth flat surface and let the Cycloramic do its thing as it magically rotates in a 360 degree circle while taking pictures. In total this App takes14 pictures as it walks its way around as if controlled by an outside source. The App then stitches all the pictures together and you know have a picture perfect panoramic view that resembles more of a video than a bunch of pictures.

From looking at a few reviews for the Cycloramic App it appears it works best for the iPhone 5 which has a better vibrator than the iPhone 4/4s. The iPhone 4's will still rotate but at a slower rate and must also be used on a glass top surface. It also appears that the App for the Android phones was just released a few weeks ago with not many reviews thus far. In addition this vibrating app also comes with a complete photo editing suite which you can pre-stitch your photo's for editing.Read More Here-->>>