essence of cat from anastasia

image copyright and by kindest permission of the artist
This is the distilled essence of sleepy cat.  Not one line wasted, and even the tubby belly is indicated with a radiant color bloom.  Feet?  Little points with one dash indicating a cat's neatly packaged toes.  The artist, Anastasia, has many of what she calls "cat-o-morphisms" on her DeviantART page (and indeed, that's her profile name there).  Many of them are wearing dragon suits.  This one is more realistic except for being about six feet tall by the look of it.  This one, however, is called "Cat," and that is simply and sweetly what it is.  Anastasia writes that she loves "watercolor, coffee, and cats," and two out of the three are self-evident.  Here is her website.  You will love the page on My Life.