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Eyebloc on Shark Tank 

Webcam Blocker - Episode 515 - 1-10-2013
Eyebloc web cam blocker seen 1/10/2014
Eyebloc Web Cam Blocker's
Is your webcam secure
from prying eyes?
 My how things sometimes have a way coming full circle and almost appearing as if by coincidence. Personally I always have a piece of electrical tape over this computers built-in web cam ever since I can remember. I don't know about you, but having a little web cam starring back at me when I'm not using it, is something I have never been fond of.

It's amazing how many people have commented on that piece of tape as if completely oblivious what they are potentially exposing themselves too for not blocking their webcam's from prying eyes. The EyeBloc coming in the first episode of 2014 has a Much Better Solution than a piece of tape for blocking webcams, and something I really wish I had just last week on Christmas Eve. Read More Here-->>>