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Fitness Training Cards - Episode 518 - 1/24/2014

Fit Deck seen on Shark Tank episode 518, 1/24/2014
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 The FitDeck exercise training cards guarantees you will be exercising within 15 seconds of picking them up. Think of a deck of cards you shuffle up and get a new workout each and every time. Not just any workout but a wide variety to choose from depending on your personal physical goals. The entrepreneur behind Fit Decks is Phil Black, who is coming to the Shark Tank in episode 518 with a resume about as impressive as they get.

Phil first conceived the Fit Deck when he was training with the Navy Seals and soon turned it into a very popular physical card game. That first deck designed for the ultimate workout by any one's standards, has now grown to over 40 different card decks covering several different categories.

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We already know Phil Black is qualified as a personal trainer developing hard-core workouts from his Navy Seals days, but what about his business skills? Black first got a degree at Yale University followed by a Business Degree at Harvard Business School. Phil has also spent some time on Wall Street working for Goldman Sachs as an Investment Banker. Hmm, yes I do believe the Sharks might have their hands full with this extremely ambitious contestant. Did I mention Black is also a Firefighter who started a multi-million dollar fitness company out of his garage apparently in his spare time? Read More Here-->>>