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Wood Surge Protectors - Episode 514 - 1-17-2014

Wood Surge Protector episode 514, 1/17/2014
New Invisiplug Power Strip
with Built-in USB Ports
 Most of us use power strips these days for a host of all kinds of electrical gadgets usually tucked down away under that really nice wooden desk or in plain view of the nearest wall outlet. Surprisingly most would agree these bright white power strips stick out like a sore thumb as if they were designed to grab your attention in a not so pleasant way. Michael Barzman and Bryan O’Connell the owners of Invisiplug, decided once and for all they would create a fashionable power strip designed to complement the natural wood in the floors, walls, baseboards and furniture. a power strip that blends in with the natural colors instead of the bright white power strips millions of us have been using for years.

Imagine that, a stylish protective power strip you actually incorporate with your decor rather than trying to tuck and hide away. Now depending on the colors of wood used in your home, office or wherever you have a power strip plugged in, Invisiplug has 3 wood grained colors to choose from including Light Natural, Medium Cherry and Dark Oak. Each Invisiplug power strip comes with six surge protected outlets along with 3 feet of cord. For the most part the Inviaplugs resembles most surge protectors on the market, but made to look like natural wood which can easily blend into the surroundings instead of looking like a foreign object.

Another kind of cool thing Invisiplug just added to their line-up is their wood grained power strips with built-in USB surge protective ports. Now THATS something new I've never heard about before and might be a good enough reason to replace at least some of the surge protectors already in use. Read More Here-->>>